40 Abundance Principles for Artists

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40 Abundance Principles for Artists

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Heal Emotionally by Envisioning Your Best Self

As an emotion-focused therapist, I often like to invite people to heal stuck emotional patterns by envisioning a more inspiring future. Sometimes the best way to emotionally heal is to "live into" the highest possibilities for our lives.

Our future-self offers hints about how to live our best life. Even when our current circumstances are less than optimal, our future-self can "reach back" to help us heal. 

We all have a nervous system driven "survival mind" that warns us about what might go wrong based on what hurt us in the past, And, we also have a "spiritual mind" that informs us of the highest potentials for our life. In my e-guide "Creative Abundance" I invite you to spend more time in your "higher mind" instead of your "survival mind."

Losing Heart

I wrote this book during a time when I was struggling to believe in my own visions for my life. As a creative person, I had always imagined great things for myself, yet I was severely flagging in my confidence and was struggling with intense self-doubt. My creative imaginings had not yet shown up in my outer life and I was losing heart.

From Self-Doubt to Creative Confidence

This guidebook is for creators of all kinds – artists, creative coaches, therapists and facilitators who want to see their creative visions "made real" in the world. This e-book will teach you the universal principles of deliberate creation and it provides daily journal questions to support you to transform your self-doubt into creative confidence.

The 40 Abundance Principles for Artists are quoted from the E-Guide – Creative Abundance:

 40 Abundance Principles:

1. Harmony - When I am in a state of emotional harmony, creative visions come for my abundance.

2. Truth - My body loves the truth. When I create in ways that align with my soul, I feel good. 

3. Possibilities - Because I do not want to create feelings of lack, I must love what currently is with all of my heart.

4. Assertion - Because creation in the world requires assertion, I need to learn how to become stronger than my fear.

5. Relaxation - The more that I can relax as I contemplate my creative visions, the faster they will come into reality.

6. Giving - The Universal Mind is constantly inspiring me to give to its higher plan.

7. Aspirations - When I call love, warmth, and enthusiasm into my creative aspirations, they become filled with vital energy.

8. Stillness -  Overwork interferes with the flow of stillness that I need to create abundance.

9. Awareness - Recognizing the creative power of my thoughts, I can catch my doubt early and do not allow it to create my reality.

10. Essence – I have both a human inheritance, which programs my biology with limitations, and a Divine Inheritance, which is my soul's unlimited design. 

11. Thought - I draw great pleasure from my creative visions, even if they have not manifested yet. 

12. Endurance – It takes endurance to hold my creative visions inside for long periods of time, especially when my current reality is vastly different.

13. Certainty - I wait with patient certainty for the outer world to express the conditions that I have created within.

14. Imagination - Imagination is my creative workshop, and I must always take inspired action on my ideas.

15. Body - Because my mind is creative, it will create exactly what I believe on the "canvas" of my body. 

16. Self-Responsibility - When I see the lessons in my disturbing experiences, inspiration will "reach down" to support me to grow.

17. Nature - Because I am part of nature, I have the ability to create abundance.

18. Passion - Passionately imagining having what I want saves me a great deal of external work. 

19. Love - I lovingly spend time with my creative visions, so that they can come into material form.

2o. Concentration - In order to prepare my mind for creative insight, I need to practice my concentration skills.

Creative Abundance - 221. Alignment - When I uplift my consciousness, the outer conditions of my life align with my new, higher ways of thinking. 

22. Neutrality - When I withdraw my attention away from what I don't like, negative conditions gradually fade away.

23. Circumstances - My higher thoughts must remain steady in order to create positive circumstances. 

24. Problems – No negative life situation will reach me unless it is necessary for my growth. 

25. Words -If I want my creative vision to be bright and beautiful, I must take care to use the exact words needed to manifest it. 

26. Principles - My dedication to higher spiritual principles displaces my limited beliefs.

27. Appreciation  - When I appreciate my life, I notice creative opportunities that were not visible before.

28. Destiny – My power to create new thoughts changes my conditioned fate into my soul's destiny.

29. Visualization - When my inner images are clear, I bring them closer to reality.

30.  Insight – When I desire to obtain higher insight, anything I want to know will be revealed. 

31. Intuition – I need to follow my intuition step-by-step, even if it does not seem to make rational sense.

32. Heart - When I touch deeply into the heart of what I want to create, I will meet the spiritual essence of my creation. 

33. Compensation - The Law of Divine Compensation states that I will be precisely compensated for what I give.

34. Affluence - Affluence within is the secret to the attraction of affluence without. 

35. Power - When my thoughts are consistently powerful, constructive, and positive, I feel healthy, inspired and abundant.

36. Wholeness - Inspiration comes from joining my individual creativity to the wholeness of life. 

37. Habit - As I practice the habit of inspired thinking, what I envision will eventually manifest.

38. Healing - Every thought is a seed that sinks into my body and forms a tendency. 

39. Deserving - When I create something beautiful for myself and others, I deserve to prosper from it.

40. Daring - I dare to believe in my creative visions as an already accomplished fact.


A Conversation About Creative Abundance

It can take a long time to live into our higher creative visions and it is easy to get discouraged. I loved conversing with Creative Lifestyle Expert – Sarah Marie Thompson about how we can keep our creative visions alive in the midst of limited life circumstances. (Note: The course mentioned at the end of the conversation is no longer being offered for free. I welcome you to visit the course HERE.)




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